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Welcome to the homepage of Tim O'Leary, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and screenwriter whose brand is:



Tim is the creator of the horror comedy series Demonhuntr, available on HereTV and Amazon Prime. A display dedicated to Demonhuntr began its exhibition at the Hollywood Museum in 2022 as part of their focus on queer film and TV.


In 2019, he established Murder & Gay Stuff, a production company dedicated to inclusive genre projects. A graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Television Writing, he founded the Los Angeles LGBTQIA TV Writers, which currently has over 700 members.


During his time in New York, he taught playwriting at the Harvey Milk High School, a school designed as a haven for LGBT youth. His play The Wrath of Aphrodite is taught in a theater class at John Jay College, and is featured in the textbooks Reclaiming Greek Drama for Diverse Audiences and Diversifying Greek Drama on the Contemporary US Stage.


When not writing or directing, Tim works as a fight coordinator, and his fights have appeared in such films as Disciple (Sebastian La Cause,) Agents of Change (Jett Garrison,) and Spookable (Jonathan Culliton.)

The three great loves of his life are his husband Robert Rice, his rescue dog Dexter, and collecting female-superhero-themed refrigerator magnets.

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