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Having worked as a professional ghostwriter of novels and scripts for over a decade, Tim has created an approach to writing that he uses with clients and students to great effect, which he calls the Five-Point Process of Pre-Writing.


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In addition to his position as Writing Coach with the Entertainment Business School (founded by Kaia Alexander), Tim also takes on private clients. If you need help writing that novel or screenplay, feel free to reach out for a FREE consultation.



Three hour-long meetings (phone/Zoom/in person) in which we go over the story you want to tell with a fine-toothed comb, analyzing the structure, character development, marketability, etc. All good scripts come from an airtight outline, and we utilize my five-point outline technique I’ve perfected over the years as a ghostwriter and script consultant.


All the benefits of the Standard Consultation package, plus I do a full dialogue/prose/stage direction pass, going deep into the script or book and offering alternative dialogue/actions to ensure the words pop off of the page.


Already have a draft of your script or book and need a set of eyes on it? This is the service for you. We go over your finished work with an eye on what can be done to make it absolutely sing.


NOTE: This service is only available for books, not scripts.


The top-tier package in which I write the book for you, after lengthy discussions and outlining meetings, in order to ensure the book is exactly what you want. This package includes weekly hour-long meetings, two top-to-bottom revisions for each chapter, as well as a final meeting in which we create a strategy to get your book out into the world.


From time to time I offer group classes, held over Zoom, in which you and up to four other students meet and we go over everyone's work collectively. These classes are great for those who find they need a bit of a nudge to get their work done on time, and they come with the benefit of a supportive, friendly, and collaborative group environment.


"Tim has that unique ability to inspire, support and most importantly supply practical, actionable steps to take your writing to the next level. I would recommend him to any writer ready to up their game. It’s like having your smart, funny best friend help you with homework!"

-- Suzanne Riley Moneymaker

"I have always loved writing, but I was trying to be my own sounding board and, as a result, not sharing my work or really developing my narratives. Tim gave me a space to dare to create, and share, and learn about so much more than the writing process! I learned some things about myself! That’s so big and I’m so grateful. Write with Tim!"

-- Kim Alvarez-Cazetto

"Tim's approach to breaking down his pre-writing process helped me flesh out my vague notions of weakly connected points into a coherent story. He is a great guy who definitely cares about helping you develop as a writer. Tim puts in the effort to figure out what you need to push you to come up with the pieces that take your writing to the next level. "

-- Garrett Willis

“Not only is Tim incredibly knowledgeable about his craft, but he helps to break down the writing for TV and film into digestible and easy-to-manage pieces. He’s an absolute delight as a coach and as a person. If you are looking to improve your writing and give it your authentic voice, look no further!”

-- Caitlin Huff

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