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After the royal family of Troy kills her mother, a cunning and ruthless Helen—far from the passive pawn she’s portrayed as in myth—enacts a plan to infiltrate the Trojan palace and assassinate her enemies one by one.

Final Draft Big Break Finalist, Austin Film Festival Semifinalist, Top 1% on Coverfly

On a lush, mysterious Caribbean island, a historian must join a centuries-long war between man and beast as he finds himself slowly turning into a werewolf.


Selected for reading by SAG Foundation, Final Draft Big Break Semifinalist

When a teenage girl discovers she is descended from nymphs and is gifted with incredible powers, she must lead the fight against the forces of evil... and try to avoid detention.

Second-rounder for the Fox Writers Fellowship

A grizzled gay private eye struggling with sobriety takes a case in a small town that’s home to a vast conspiracy of abduction, cult activity, and murder.

LA International Screenplay Quarterfinalist



When she’s targeted by a horde of misogynistic killer fanboys, a former scream queen—now a tough-as-nails horror director—fights back like all the best final girls.



Screencraft Horror Short-listed Finalist, Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, Recommended Script by Roadmap Writers, Top 4% on Coverfly

When an insecure teacher uses a black magic app to curse his ex-husband, he unwittingly unleashes an ancient demon who seeks payment in blood.


LA International Screenplay Quarterfinalist

Camp Carve Poster 2.jpg

When a gay college athlete goes to work as a summer camp counselor, he finds himself in a nightmare scenario involving a crazed female slasher with superhuman strength… and a very sharp cleaver.

Six monstrous holiday tales are told in this haunting anthology featuring evil Christmas elves, ancient wicked gods, a homicidal naked Golem, and more.

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