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The Aphrodite Cycle

Based on Euripides' Hippolytus, The Wrath of Aphrodite tells the story of the young prince of Athens who's sworn to celibacy, thus invoking the ire of the Goddess of Love. This play is taught in a theatre course in John Jay College, and is the subject of two textbooks: Reclaiming Greek Drama for Diverse Audiences and Diversifying Greek Drama on the Contemporary US Stage.

Based on Sophocles' Antigone, The Redemption of Aphrodite tells the story of the defiant princess of Thebes, who must face down an enemy threatening to destroy her family while finding comfort in the arms of a traveling Amazon. 

Based on Homer's Iliad and Euripides' Trojan Woman, The Fate of Aphrodite concludes the journey of the Goddess of Love while focusing on the relationship between Achilles, the mighty Greek warrior, and his lover Patroclus, as the Greek army lays siege to the city of Troy.

Other Works

Pieces on the Board is a contemporary noir thriller about six characters locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Nightmare World: A Queer Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Romantic Comedy is a humorous take on the dystopian fiction genre, featuring people in leather and sunglasses, an evil drag queen, martial arts battles, and even a love story!

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